Mission Statement


 Brent Knoll

Methodist Church

We are committed as Christians and Methodists to celebrate, enjoy and share with others the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Christian truths that flow from this.

We recognise our place in the village life and appreciate the regard in which our Church is held. We also value our Link Fellowship, our circuit and ecumenical relationships.

Our Mission includes the following:

1.    To make the love of Jesus known to our community and the world through worship, prayer, fellowship, service and openness to the Holy

2.     To maintain a visible presence within the village
enabling us to host ecumenical and village groups and activities.

3.     To provide a happy and relaxed Christian welcome for

4.     To help people to learn and grow as Christians, through mutual support and care by encouraging participation in the Emmaus course.

5.     To respond in practical ways to local, national and
international needs.

Agreed 28th April 2012