Our Special Building


We give thanks for all those who down the years have worked and cared for our Church to give us the special building that we have today

Our Church was built in 1837 by the Bible Christian Society and the schoolroom added soon after. A kitchen and toilet extension was added some years ago.

The building is of brick construction with cement rendering.

As with all buildings of this age the walls are solid with no cavity and no damp proof course.

There have been many changes over the years, the addition of the flush toilet and heating must have been very welcome.

The round stained glass window was given in 1952 by Mr and Mrs David Prichard The Latin inscription refers to the Gifts of the Spirit and is as follows:

consilium (judgement                        fortitude (strength or courage)

intellectus (understanding)                scientia (knowledge)

sapientia (wisdom)                            pietas (goodness)

                                  Petite et accipietis

                             Ask and you will receive


Major repairs were carried out on the roof in the 1990s.

One of the biggest changes in recent years was carried out in 2005 when the old wooden pews were removed and more comfortable modern chairs were installed. The seating arrangement is now flexible for our services and can be moved back for the Toddlers Group and other events.  We now have seating for 40 with additional seating in the gallery.

In 2007 the wooden windows were replaced with modern low maintenance uPVC window frames.

2008 has seen the parking area at the front resurfaced and  redecoration of the vestry and vestibule.

The school room although small continues to be well used by the Toddler Group, Emmaus Groups, Coffee Mornings and other groups.

The Church has recently purchased a "Hymnal Plus" music system with a built-in library of over 2750 tunes.

Our Church and its members have been an important part of Brent Knoll for over 170 years and we hope that we will continue to be part of the village community for many years to come